Monday, 30 August 2010

Fragile hearts

I think one of the most important skills in life could be that of handling fragile hearts. Everybody has a fragile heart, hurt at one point or another in life and require special care all the time. Though we don't realize this all the time.

Sometimes, we are hurt by people. Hurting and being hurt forms a cycle. The hurt hurt others. But perhaps, we could stop this cycle. Could we choose to not let hurt be the reason to hurt?

Abraham Lincoln once said:

"Don't criticize them. They are what we would be under similar circumstances."

Admonishment of others' actions without consideration of their true circumstances could be unfair.


Although Graduation is more than one year away, it feels very soon and suddenly, the transition from university student to professional seems more real now than ever before. Thoughts run through my head of everything which has happened in these three years.

Though, in my memory, the most valuable part of my university life will always be the people I met and the things I did with these people. My lecturers, coursemates, admin people, people I met through events, people who became my friends, people who cleaned for us university students daily.

Isn't it a miracle how strangers who knew nothing about each other become acquainted?

It begins I think with the sharing of a smile. And not just a smile but a genuine smile. A smile from the heart which leaves the eyes twinkling with anticipation.

On a sidenote, I love RE!