Tuesday, 31 August 2010

After lunch

I find satisfaction in good lunches. I love my mom's cooking but around Senadin, my favourite place to have lunch is still Cahaya Taufik! I love it there because it's clean and has many varieties of food I like, especially dishes featuring the soy bean tempe! I just had lunch there with my mom and brother there today.

Another place I like to eat at is this Indian restaurant in Lutong Baru. I normally go for the Roti Cheese. The reason I like Roti Cheese is because it reminds me of pizzas, which I love! Also, lately, on a recommendation from my student, I've also tried Roti Tisu. Roti Tisu is also nice because it's big and crispy.

Maybe I should include some pictures of what I like to eat next time ^^

Good lunches are desirable but not necessarily always available. Take this semester for instance - Fridays are no-good-lunch days because of the rush between activities. Thursdays are worst because of the back to back tutorial classes from 10am - 2pm. So I can only have very late lunches on Thursdays.

Good lunches need not necessarily be costly. They only need to be food which don't make me feel drowsy throughout the day and taste natural. And though I am a big fan of spices, I don't normally go for spicy meals during lunch time because of the burn it leaves in my stomach throughout the day and that is bad because normally that means I won't be able to sit still. Too much rice, buns or processed flour can be bad too because I would find it very difficult to stay awake for classes.

To me, good lunches are a blessing. I hope you have good lunches too ^^